Somewhere To Disappear - A film with Alec Soth

  • Posted 5 hours ago by Jack Lowe · film · news
  • "Somewhere To Disappear" is a new documentary by Laure Flammarion and Arnaud Uyttenhove which explores the desire to run away. For two years Flammarion and Uyttenhove followed world-renowned photographer Alec Soth on his journey across America - documenting people who have retreated from society for his series "Broken Manual". These modern-day hermits and monks live in caves, mountain cabins and deserts, which Soth feels is "in the culture right now" and is, in some ways, "preparation for the decline of the American empire."
    "This film is about men, America, Alec Soth and the dream to disappear."
    If you want to see this and you live in either Minneapolis, Toronto or New York - you're in luck! Screening dates are below:
    Minneapolis: 2 May, 7pm at the St. Paul Film Festival.
    5 May at 7pm and 7 May at 1:15pm at the HotDocs Festival.
    New York:
    9 May, 8pm at The New School.